Saturday, April 2, 2016

Q1 in review

Another week, another blog post. I'm totally on a roll.

Since I just updated my USADA (United States Anti-Doping Agency) athlete "whereabouts" for Q2 (a one-hour window where I must provide my daily location to be available for drug-testing), I thought it would be apropos (always love a good reason to use that word!) to review the Q1 happenings from 2016.

I began the year with a training block in Noosa, Australia, mostly focusing on speed, strength, & power (i.e. everything except big volume) to prep for the 70.3 Pan American Pro Championships in Panama City, Panama on January 31st.

"On our way" from Australia to Panama, we "stopped by" Chicago to visit the Gatorade Sports Science Institute (GSSI) for some testing on sweat, fat utilization, and other (super secret d'uh) things. Chicago visits are always welcome because we get to spend time with my sister's family and Wynne gets some great cousin time.

 Being a part of the Gatorade family has been unreal so far- we are doing some cool next-level stuff that should help get that extra 1%. 
In the lab at GSSI

Once we finished up at GSSI, we took the bird south to Panama (the country not the spring break locale in Florida). Race day for Panama 70.3 dawned and although I wasn't "fully cooked" on the training front, I still managed 8th place in a Championship 70.3, one step up from 9th at the North American Pro Championships in 2015. So...progress.

Panama 70.3 run photos by Nate Kortuem
by Nate Kortuem

After Panama, we went straight to Costa Rica to guest-coach a triathlon training camp hosted by Race Quest Travel. The experience was unreal and the best part was sharing it with the group of campers we lucked out with ... Each day was filled with sun, ocean swim time, bike rides through the countryside, runs that finished with fresh coconuts, and sunset yoga. For Luke and I, it was a welcome break from our typical training "grind" and gave us a nice re-set prior to embarking on our Ironman training blocks back in Australia.

The Costa Rica crew (Costa Rica photos by Christopher Jarc aka Jarc the Shark) 

afternoon core session led by moi

Run drills and technique afternoon

Zip line at Diamante Eco Adventure park.. Get a load of this....

holy s$%t 

Paddling around some of our open water swimmers. 

After Costa Rica, we squeezed in 10 days in San Diego (hello, burritos!), & one more quick trip to Chicago before heading back over the big Pacific to Sunshine Beach, Australia.
We literally hit the ground running and dove into training... I had just 10 WEEKS to prepare for Ironman Australia, my first big race of the year.

Training has gone really well for both Luke and I. We both seem to be picking up fitness really consistently, though we can't seem to coordinate the days we feel amazing and the days we feel like crap. Our bodies definitely respond differently to different types of sessions.

weekly hill reps with Luke ( & usually Radka Vodickova)

last weekend's 205km ride with a view of the Glass House Mountains from Maleny, Queensland
After 5 weeks of massive training, I am quite pleased to say that we've reach a stepping stone.. Race week!

This weekend (actually tomorrow now that I am actually finishing this post I began earlier this week), we will open Q2 in Putrajaya, Malaysia for Ironman 70.3 Putrajaya. It will be a good (and very hot) test of fitness. The start list is quite dense with strong favorites like Liz Blatchford, Radka Vodickova, and last week's 70.3 Tawian winner Sarah Crowley, so I'm looking forward to putting down my best on the day and to see where I'm at!
Fresh Endura QDC aero tri kits have landed! Now these are available to consumers via 

Shake it Off - should be everyone's T-Swift mantra for an easy run after a long plane ride. Love to #runtheworld and see new things
The race hotel pool is 88 degrees fareinheight (31 c) - same temp as the lake we are going to swim in for the race (insert fire emojis). Needless to say, tomorrow will be #HAF (thanks, Clint, for the perfect hashtag)

See you at the finish line! Talk to you next week with more "Bits and Pieces", April edition. (I know, you are TOTALLY on the edge of your seats!)

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