Monday, June 1, 2015

The almost-breaking point aka When the f&%k is taper?!?

Here we are, two weeks out from Ironman Cairns 2015. Although I had a serious buildup to Ironman Melbourne in March, Ironman Cairns has been the big goal for both Luke & I for the first half of 2015. It's actually the first race we have trained for together since Ironman Cairns 2013 when we first started dating! It's been a "fun", intense, and at times daunting buildup. Luke (who coaches both himself and me), has a "leave no stone unturned" type of training philosophy.
post a  "no stone unturned" day of time trials on Fiesta Island w/ Scott DeFillipis and Carrie Lester
work work work
I'm pretty sure we will both reach the start line feeling as though we could have done no more in preparation. Because in reality, we both just reached the point where we literally could do no more. Not quite a "breaking point", but definitely "Is it taper time yet? When the f&^% does this taper start?"
Massive training creates massive laundry. Good thing Wynne folds it all! 

The past few weeks have been mostly a training blur with a few fun stops along the way. May gray (the struggle is real- an endless fog on the Southern California coast) was getting us down in San Diego, so we headed out to the Palm Desert for a few days of sunshine and open roads. Although escaping May gray was a bonus, the actual reason for our trip was to get some uninterrupted training on open roads perfect for time trialing. San Diego is awesome, but it's hard to lay down a good TT session without stops.
Plotting a big loop through Joshua tree national park
roads for days
Heading to the desert mid-week during the off-season is also super affordable, so you can get a nice little vacation only 2-hours drive from home. May has also been chock full of coaching. Most of my athletes who hibernated through the winter (or laid down big endurance bases) are now edging up on race season and are within that 12-week window of their "A" race. Nearly all of my athletes have an Ironman on the schedule this year (with two first-timers!) which makes coaching both exciting and intricate. With athletes who have full-time jobs and kids and travel, the training needs to be juuuuuuust right as to give them the fitness they need to execute their best race while still remaining sane and remembering that this is a hobby they do for joy. Anyway, I love this time of year because we are all so focused on that big race and putting the big training puzzle together towards Ironman Day is one of my favorite things to do. It also gives me an excuse to sit on the couch and  "work" while Luke plays daddy day care on occasion, which is a recovery bonus for me.

On Memorial Day, we also celebrated one year with our little person! Wynne's first birthday called for a fiesta, so we had a fun bunch of little and big people over for Mexican food, margaritas, and milk (for the wee ones). It has truly been an incredible year.
Wynne's first bike- a SCOTT, of course
Wynne has changed our lives (for the better) so much and it's been awesome to grow as a little family. Lots of people have said, "Wow! Time flies!" And I'm like, really? Times flies? This has been the longest year of my life! I feel like flying to Europe last summer with my 5-week old baby was decades ago. We've visited 11 countries and 5 continents with Wynne (including 2 trips to Australia with our 3rd coming up next week). I have trained for and finished 3 Ironmans and coming up on number 4. We became grown-ups: We started college savings accounts, beefed up retirement accounts, and as of today, we are homeowners! We fell in love with a house in an amazing location in Sunshine Beach, Australia and though we won't be living there full-time, it will be a great place to land when we are there and we think it is (hopefully) a good investment. It also has a separate self-contained apartment downstairs that we will be able to rent out which is exciting. So, it's been a long year, but a damn good one. I wouldn't change a thing (except possibly get a bit more sleep and invent a day care section of the plane on long-haul flights).
A 2-mile trail run from our new place in Sunshine Beach, Australia
That's all I got for now. Looking forward to hopping on the big bird to Australia in two days! Ironman Cairns, here we come!



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I want to hit a "like" button on all of your pics. OMG Wynn is adorable! Congrats on the new house and an AMAZING year you had!

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