Saturday, November 20, 2010

you had me at "matching outfits"

I've been enjoying my semi-0ff season a lot. (we will get to the "semi" in a moment). Maybe enjoying a little too much as demonstrated by the scale's increase of 8 pounds in 3 weeks. I swear I wasn't eating pizza and cheeseburgers and chips all day long. I don't even think I ate those things at all. I was still eating vegetables & lean protein every night for dinner. I just wasn't working out as much. Okay and MAYBE I was eating muffins, brownies, cookies, and cake once in a....well, every day. hmmmm... mystery solved!

Well, time to watch it a bit as my off-season has taken a detour to Sin City. Let's back up a bit. A month before Kona, I was cooked and ready to be done. I got a little note from Rachel asking if I wanted to run the Las Vegas marathon with her and Katherine. I quickly said, "Not a chance in hell" and moved along.

Well, welcome to hell! Just kidding. So, a couple weeks after Kona, I was putting together a loose plan for 2011 and initially included a late January marathon. You may remember if you've read here for a long time (if so, god bless you, you patient soul), I ran my first/only stand alone marathon in Las Vegas-2008 in 3:03. It's no secret that my bucket list includes a sub-3 marathon. Thinking more and more, I realized that by late January, I want to be putting in base miles on the bike and upping my swimming a bit for Ironman Texas (May 2011). I also was a little motivated because I had run a 3:10 in Kona, after swimming and then riding for 7 hours. And looking at my bike made me want to puke, but running was fine, so why not run a little more?

So I texted Rachel and asked if they were still going to Vegas and shooting for sub-3. She said yes, and we should wear matching outfits. MATCHING OUTFITS?!?! SOLD! I even got to virtually shop w/ R and K as they sent me pics from lululemon in Oahu testing out outfits.

Whatever outfit we end up with (I think you can tell which shirt they picked :), we will be accessorizing with Zoot compression socks, sock-arm warmers from Target, and black visors (or beanies if it is REALLY cold). So basically, we will end up looking like homeless clowns in tube socks. But there will be 3 of us so it will look, uh, cool?

Soooooo...The training. Oh yeah. Well after 2 weeks rest, 2 weeks active recovery, I put in 2 solid weeks with lots of marathon pace work and now all that's left is to pray to the race-day-magic gods because boy am I going to need it. At first, workouts were going pretty well and my legs felt nice (that happens I think when you are not trashing them with bike intervals and 6 hour rides). Then I got sick, did my longest run (17 miles) and was practically dragging myself home. I didn't hit any of my paces and felt fat and slow. But I'm going to forget about that and move along. I was sick, right? sure.

Theoretically, I should be able to run under 3 hours in an open marathon. But, although some don't believe me, I run off the bike relatively similar to my open paces (ahem, coach Dirk who doubted me when I told him I would run sub 3:30 in Kona) . And for me, 7:15 pace (3:10 marathon) feels QUITE different than 6:45 pace (sub-3)....But sub-3 or bust! Luckily I have two hot barbies to block the wind for me (I'm midget Skipper)! Too bad they are so skinny. Maybe I will send them some cookies this week to up their wind-blocking potential.