Sunday, February 28, 2010

sunday swampy sunday

I just finished up a lovely recovery week. Yesterday, I was like a normal person on a Saturday! I had a 3 hour ride on tap, but with an impending storm, I squeezed it in on Friday which left me with a Saturday with JUST a swim. So, after swim (and jacuzzi! I actually had time for jacuzzi!), I met James at the coffee shop and we made it through almost all our thank you notes. Amazing all the people in a coffee shop on a Saturday morning just chilling out. Then I went shopping for bridesmaids dresses with Colleen in La Jolla and then did some more shopping. I even went for a manicure and pedicure....Had to sneak a picture of this guy. He was there with his wife and LOVING it! This is him all blissed out while getting the arm massage....
Today was definitely the END of recovery week. I rode 65 miles out to Ramona with Julie, Randy, Rachel, Denner (Denner actually rode circles around us more than with us :)), John, KP, and Terrish (new friend we stole from hawaii :) ). (Several of our group rode 90, but I had to get back and do my run and Terrish and Randy came with me). I got a flat about 5 miles into the ride. Wah wah wah...but everyone was super nice and helped me out...Terrish can change a flat faster than the boys. I was very impressed.

The group was fab and it was fun to talk Ironman St. George with Julie and Rachel who have both visited the course already. Rachel, who could ride 5:30 on a flatter course thinks this one might take her close to 7 hours! Holy Moly! But she said the bike ride isn't even the part she's worried about- the run is devilish.

Directly after the ride, I went on a solo swamp excursion. I mean 2 hour run. The added 3lbs of mud on each foot I think made it a nice workout.

When I got sick of swamping, I hit the roads which included monster hills (not on purpose.) the run hurt. Not gonna lie. But I had downloaded that old "Counting Crows" album I used to love in high school and college (August and Everything After) and that made it nice and nostalgic on a beautiful sunny day. I also ran without my ipod for a while on the trails because that's nice too after a long day when you're in a quiet place. I can't stand it when there's lots of noise and cars whizzing by. Then I need my ipod shuffle.

[Note for self - I probably didn't bring enough food for the ride/run combo. The ride was VERY hilly (up scripps poway parkway to ramona and back up via rancho) and so was the run. For the 6 hours total, I had one purefit bar (210 cal) + one mini luna bar (80 cal) + one gel (100cal) + one sleeve shot blocks (200cal)= for a whopping grand total of 590 calories over 6 hours of training (but at least 7 hours total time elapsed including 3 flats on our ride and transitioning to my run, etc). I wasn't bonking by the end, but I wasn't too spritely either! Also reminder to self- the bloks settled very nice on the run. The gel (gu rocktane pineapple) not so much. I got a side stitch 8 minutes after the gel. Think i need to buy more bloks]

We're now 9 weeks out from Ironman Utah and 4 weeks from California 70.3. I'm not feeling totally ready yet, but I think that's GOOD. Don't want to peak too early! March first already! Time to focus and buckle down. Not with training- I got that under control thanks to the coach, and all I have to do is follow the plan. I wish I could say that about eating! I need to start eating nice and clean and not having peanut butter and puffin parties (with myself) after dinner every night. I also need to stop helping myself to the endless buffet of donuts, cookies and bagels in the teachers lounge at school. Is it wrong that I kind of wish I was gluten intolerant?

that's all for now. james is yet again cooking up an "epic" meal for us while I blog. hat a hubby! AND he had a tough day too- his first US Mountain Bike Cup race of the season complete with a nice yard sale crash. good work, babe!

Monday, February 22, 2010

10 weeks out, cap'n!

holy ironman fast approaching!

i haven't been blogging much because i've been working and training for ironman Utahand being not very useful for not much else. i keep staring at these thank-you notes from the wedding that i NEED to write and they keep not writing themselves. maybe next week.

why so tired?

well, this is what it looked like for me 10 weeks out.

a week in training -

Rides: (160 miles, 10hrs 50min)

*2 hrs on the mountain bike w/ james with 5X6 minute big gear intervals (made me REALLY excited to get back on the mtb after 3 months.. i want to race!)

*2 hrs on the trainer with big gear heart rate "pryamid" (basically go hard, go harder, go hardest)

*3 hrs on the trainer- ride steady (and watch 4 Christmases and missed project runway episodes)

*4 hrs with the friends in the hills and wind and RAIN. colleen, caroline, and tatiana were perfect companions/partners in crime/misery loves company!

Swims (total 6hrs 5 min, 21,300yds)

6 masters swims- ranging from 3300- 4200yds each. some "hard", some "easy", some "pull sets".

Runs (41.2 miles, 5hrs 30 minutes)

8 miles including lots of 150's running in circles with Charisa at the track.

8.5 miles on the treadmill w/ 5X1000 at 6:03 pace (yes, at 1%incline)

11.7 miles steady along the coast after swim before riding on saturday

13 miles (brick run) through local trails after the 4.5 hr ride w/ the girls.

Strength (2.75 hours)

1 hour functional strength at Rehab United (usually I go twice a week, but they were closed monday)

2 hours sweaty yoga (but I only count 20 minutes of each hour in my log. its super intense for about half the class and then its more mellow/stretchy.)

overall training is going really well and i'm starting to get excited for California 70.3 in 5 weeks as a first little test. looking at what i wrote there for my week's training, it looks like a lot (and to think I have a full time job! seriously- people with kids are insane. i couldn't imagine that right now.) luckily, this week i have the chance to let it all "sink in". i've worked hard the past 3 weeks and i feel like i've really earned my recovery week. i'm loving working with coach Dirk because he is TOUGH, but also recognizes that i'm here for fun. if i need to to go be social and run at the track, or do a race just for fun, he's into it. he gets it.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

sweet weekend

It just keeps coming! This winter has been packed...From weddings to birthdays, and now valentine's day- I think we are ready to just relax! We celebrated valentine's weekend in style...

First, I picked up a bike to borrow until my new bike arrives in a couple of weeks. I'm very lucky to count some quite connected folks among my friends, and somehow, with a little help from a good friend (and her great bike mechanic hubby), I am riding on this little race machine [whose owner is a former Ironman World Champion!!!] until mine arrives. If nothing else, this has gotta make me fast, right?
On Saturday, James and I picked up Colleen and headed out to Pine Valley, CA to ride "80 for Haiti". An 80 mile ride on Old Hwy route 80, for an $80 donation - 100% of proceeds to Haiti through Mercy Corps. Adventurecorps, the group that put the ride on, did an amazing job. All the volunteers were truly exceptional and gave us service that far exceeded need or expectation.

The day before the ride, James told me that for him it would be "180 for Haiti" for him since he would have to double back for me so much. Thanks, babe!! WELL, he did end up doing a bit extra, but for the most part, he did an awesome job of chauffeuring Colleen and I through the GNARLY headwinds and crosswinds that we experienced for about 70 of the 80 miles. Not to mention, the 6,000+ feet of climbing. It was a great adventure and I had a blast with my hubby and Colleen. Right after the ride, I took a quick t-run to shake out the legs for my impending doom the next morning.

80 for Haiti & colleen at aid station #1

James enjoying his "secret snack" (baked sweet potato) at the desert tower/turnaround point.

hmmm....upon closer inspection of James' "secret snack", it looks like there is some broccoli on that sweet potato?!?!?! Did he REALLY smuggle in some florets for some extra ride fuel?? I sure hope not.
anywho...we made it home late afternoon and i plastered my Zoot CompressRx tights on my body until I woke up bright and early for a crack at the San Dieguito Half Marathon. I hadn't done this one before, but I knew that lots of fast people came out and that it was very very hilly. This had me sccrrd. See, I do LOTS of hills in training, but somehow, in racing, when required to do any type of hill at a strong effort, I basically crumble and move backwards. Today felt no different. I'll save you the blah, blah, blah, but basically, I wanted to quit from mile 3 all the way to the finish. I felt like I was passed by at least 10 people on each uphill and the uphills kept coming and coming. Grinding and grinding away slowly. Lucky for me, I'm quite the downhiller and usually passed a couple back on the downhill but not nearly as many as passed me going up. The whole race, I just couldn't stop thinking about how running 26.2 miles like this in IM Utah in a couple of months seems truly impossible. I'm not trying to go all Negative Nancy on you, just being honest. My quads felt injected with cement and I was all dead legs. My calves were fine though, must have been the Zoot compression socks! I get a lot of flack for racing in the socks, especially from james who now loves to hate on triathlete-isms, but I do it because it WORKS for me. Ever since the Vegas marathon, I have worn them in almost every stand alone running race even though I'm honestly not at ALL a fan of the "look."

But, back to the race- overall, no spark. No sprite. All in all, my time wasn't bad for a very hilly course (I had 1:27:55 on my garmin, but the race results say 1:28:04. wasn't chip timed and some 16 year old wrote down my time I think, but whatever. really no difference).

I was soooooo happy to cruise to the finish and see james (who stopped by on his bike ride- on his way to a 400 mile week!) and get a valentine's kiss from him.

So , it wasn't a bad race for me. But, it really shot my confidence because I so suck on hills and feel so defeated when faced with them. I can't figure out why I seem to go in reverse up hills (except for the big booty bringing me back down). I think I need to have a chat with the coach. I need a confidence plan for this ironman thingy!!!

oh, and a little last thought...i made a big pot of grains on friday night to have something easy to heat up before my long ride/race each morning. I took whole oat groats (these are the oatiest form of oats, they are not cut (as in steel-cut), rolled, or anything. just whole oat groats), amaranth, and millet. I chose these because they are all wheat free so james can eat it too. I put them in the rice cooker with 2 cups water to 1 cup grains and pressed GO! it turned out awesome. I think it would be better if you cooked each grain separately as the amaranth and millet were a little more mushy/cooked than the groats as they technically should have different cooking times, but all in all I was quite pleased.

pre-cooked grains.